Since we started our course back at 2009, we have been helping our clients to apply sustainability and clean technologies and adopt circular business models.

As mentioned in our original statement back then, “our mission is to actively contribute towards sustainable development and environmental conservation.

All these years we are using and combining clean technologies to improve life in cities and increase the overall environmental performance of our clients.

We have designed and installed building integrated photovoltaic systems in homes and businesses, designed biogas power plants and composting facilities to treat organic waste, executed sustainable urban plans and building energy efficiency renovations, consulted public and private organisations on waste management, energy efficiency, renewable energy and helped them design and adopt circular business models.

Born and grown during the mobile revolution, living the development of the internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain, together with the paradigm shift in the production, delivery and consumption of products and services, we started experiencing an inner need for change. We knew though it couldn’t be just about "going digital", or just about our clients or us. It should be broader and deeper than that.

The change factor should have a significant impact in our very existence.

While in search for direction, it started getting clear that in order to have better chances to have a great impact and to better address challenges such as making our cities smarter and more resilient, improve our society’s resource efficiency and integrate the circular economy business model in an extensive scale, we had to subsume digital technologies and computer science in our cleantech DNA.

When we were just getting started, it made sense to name our company Mellon Energy LP, because energy related services and products was our focus sector! Now that we are developing other products, like Wastecloud and Roots, we need a name that goes beyond just one product or sector and clearly states our broader view and reach, but still not lose the familiarity of our brand.

After two years of business model shifting and self-redefinition, we are excited to reintroduce ourselves as Mellon Labs, a digitally native cleantech company. We are trying to make humanity sustainable, resilient and inclusive through:

·       technology,

·       the introduction of new business models and

·       rethinking of every major challenge from scratch.

We are redesigning products and services for farming, future cities, shipping and global logistics, waste management and energy.
We will be sharing with you here all the cool stuff we are working on, so watch this space.

Mellon Labs
Mitropoleos 51, 54623, Thessaloniki Greece
Tel: 2310254520