What we do

If you are dedicated to solving one of the world’s most pressing problems and feel stuck or simply want another perspective on it, we might be able to help.

Incubation and Shoot for THE star
When a new company is trying to grow, it is important to understand at which stage of growth it is in order to devise what it needs. The concept “one size fits all” is not the best approach when the aim is to shoot for the star and succeed in doing so. With the right stirring and support network, you are advancing your position in making the impact.

Venture Partnerships and Initiate rockets
At Mellon Labs, we are always excited to collaborate with organisations that require a heap of mental stimulus and concentration. When partnering with us, as much as you will be scratching your head to find solutions, we too will be sharing your concerns for reaching to answers and decisions. And when such strong foundations are being built, the rocket initiation part becomes just a process.

Advisory as a Service – AaaS
Our Advisory as a Service (AaaS) product empowers our partners with access to our expertise in a predefined manner. As per any service, we set up an initial meeting to explore the subject at hand and to estimate the capacity needed from all parties involved to not only ensure that goals are met, but beyond that, to thrive in their environments. Once we reach an agreement, our partners will be supported by us in any activity they might need. Whether it is a request for a brainstorming new product development session, or a simple email to confirm an EU policy on waste management, for example, we will see to them.
Our ad-hoc advisory service is for organizations who have a specific work package that would like us to review and complete, by applying our industry know-how. We empower our clients with tools and data for them to make informed decisions in an increasingly changing world, where what constitutes as a business idea is up for interpretation more than ever. We believe that with the appropriate business model and planning, organizations reach their goals and grow. In this ad-hoc capacity, we have been commissioned by a variety of clients, from regional municipalities to multinational corporations, each with its own set of challenges.
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