At Mellon Labs we are rethinking major challenges from scratch.

Big problems often have hard solutions, so by definition we are in for the long run.

We are a technology company with a cleantech DNA.

We are reimagining the world through applying root cause analysis and cross-sector shuffling.

We are a platform that provides enablers for similar-minded teams. To do so, we are using technology, innovative business models, lateral approaches and an extensive network of experts.

We believe that through entrepreneurship and an interdisciplinary approach, we can redefine the topics we are dealing with.

The sectors where have seen us involved in the most, and hence, where our focus will remain are:

food production and consumption
natural resources management
global logistics
waste management
renewable energy
health and wellbeing

We are committed to developing meaningful products that will contribute to a resilient and inclusive future for humanity.

Abundance is not sci-fi.
We are engineers, designers, scientists and strategists.
You will find us somewhere at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds searching for the future.

Oh, and what does “Mellon” mean in our name? Mellon (Μέλλον) means “future” in Greek. Future advancements to humanity, future developments in technology, future transformations in industries… you get the picture.
Mellon Labs
Mitropoleos 51, 54623, Thessaloniki Greece
Tel: 2310254520