Digitising waste management.

We are rethinking waste.

We are creating a new, digital and dynamic waste management paradigm.

Technology has transformed our everyday lives, we are now transforming waste in a massive scale.

Cities around the world are facing growing populations which is expected to double by 2050.

This means intensified environmental challenges with waste management being on the top of the list.

Waste is considered a resource for Europe’s Circular Economy and has to be treated like one. Investment in value recovery infrastructure, new approaches in supply chains, in production processes and across the life cycle of products, as well as the required legislative adjustments, before a resource scarce future, are already undergoing.

At the same time, the internet of everything, social media, small portable computers with enormous processing capacities and people constantly connected to the internet have forced traditional businesses either change their business models or become obsolete.

We experience a massive transition in the way goods and services are promoted, delivered and consumed.

In this context we decided to rethink waste management.

Our ultimate goal is to keep as many resources possible inside the loop, opening the way to a zero waste and resourceful future.

We are doing this by digitising an infrastructure intensive business.

We call it Wastecloud.

A technology enabled waste management paradigm that aims to significantly improve what was considered state of the art.
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